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09-Dec-2017 01:19

Today that same woman, now 40, if still unmarried, faces a market in which nearly two-thirds of those formerly single men are hitched, and there are just 33 eligible men for every 50 women — 52 percent more women than men.“None of this would matter if we were open-minded about who we dated,” Birger says.Slaving away in p.r., education, nursing, event planning or other female-dominant fields? “Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld reports that 10 percent of Americans meet their future spouses at work,” Birger says.Some careers to consider: mechanical engineering (93 percent male), computer network administration (83 percent) and financial advising (74 percent).Other cities especially brutal for single women are Houston; Providence, RI; and Raleigh, NC.Better options include Silicon Valley, San Francisco, San Diego and Columbus, Ohio.Based on his research, here are eight reasons why women can’t find a man — and strategies for increasing their odds. “Because women have been graduating from college in 30-plus percent greater numbers than men for years, there are now four women for every three men nationally in the marriage-age, college-educated dating market,” Birger says.

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An atheist meet-up would be a really good place to meet men.” “For the women who wait [to settle down], the dating pool gets much, much worse,” Birger says. In the first round, fresh into the dating market, nearly every woman gets a chair.Birger says the imbalance is also exacerbated by New York’s large population of gay males.

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