Torquay dating

23-Jun-2017 15:18

The History of Torquay, a town in Torbay, on the south coast of the county of Devon, England, starts some 450,000 years ago with early human artefacts found in Kents Cavern.

There is little evidence of any permanent occupation at Torquay until the eleventh century records in the Domesday Book, though it is known that visits were made by Roman soldiers and there was a small Saxon settlement called 'Torre'.

At this time the town started to attract visitors in ill health as a winter resort because of its fresh air and mild climate.

Its population grew by over ten times in the first 50 years of the century.

Marie Cherche was owned by the Bishop of Exeter throughout the period.

Torquay itself developed around the Saxon hamlet of Torre (from 'tor' meaning hill or craggy peak).